What is Club 440
Club 440 is a fictitious jazz club mentioned in the opening of the Bryan Duncan song "Lies Upon Lies" from the Strong Medicine album. It is also the name of this web page and an interactive email chat group that focuses on anything related to Bryan D. (Hereby known as the Dunk, Dunkman, Dunky, Dunkmeister, Bryan, Bry, The Screamin' Machine, etc). Click here for The History of Club 440.

What Bryan has to say about Club 440
"Club 440 is a growing gathering of insane people who identify with my kind of lunacy. Feel free to talk to them... they don't bite! They have their own t-shirt! And are willing to admit they need more help than they are actually getting! It is one group where you are accepted even if you don't attend the meetings. There are no meetings!!! There is on line rambling and Bryan D concerts, occasionally. What on earth else do we need? You'll find out."

A Little History of Bryan's Career

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