Marilyn S., I'm Marilyn and this is my husband Karl. For right now we are in Grand Bay Alabama. Karl is a Master Chief in the US Coast Guard and I am a flower designer. I'm a not working flower designer for now cause of health issues. We have a son Chris who is married to Cyndi and on April 2005 they gave us a beautiful grandson Christopher Adam Jr. I know you are thinking I'm too young to be a grandmother. :) It's good ole "Southern living" that did it. lol We also have another son Sean both live in Washington State.

Karl and I became fan's of Bryan in 1999. I quickly fell in love with his voice and bought every CD I could get my hands on. Also in 1999 we met Bryan and had him do a concert for us in Elizabeth City, NC where we were stationed at the time. Doing a concert was something that neither my husband or I knew anything about. God blessed us with people who did and God told me "if you have it they will come" lol So, I trusted God and HE took care of all the details, provided the funds as we needed and Bryan loved the sound system. After that we went to many concerts and two cruises where Bryan was playing. We have been so blessed to be a part of Club 440 since 1999 and have met so many wonderful people. At club 440 the people are like family, some I've met in person and some I have not met yet. But, we are all so close. Bryan is so blessed to have this group of fans that he does.

I guess my favorite song is "After this day is gone." It's hard to pick just one but this song means alot to me. I mess up everyday and I know that God has "a place in his heart for me and a plan I can't see". That is what gets me thru my days. I thank God for being allowed to get to know Bryan and to be a part of such a wonderful Family of friends world wide.

God bless you Bryan. We love ya.
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