Jon S., I am married to Janice, we have 3 great sons. Joshua is 6, Justin is 4 and Joel is 2. My introduction to Bryan's music was in college. The first 3 songs I heard were "A Child's Love", " Hope of the Brokenhearted", and of course "Holy Rollin". I was moved by the depth of emotion in Bryan's songs and in the way he sang them. I have been hooked ever since. My favorite Bryan CD is " Anomyous Confessions" and "Lunatic Friend" is my all time favorite BD song. My favorite line is "Now there's an attractive inner circle in the eye of a hurracane, a kind of peace on the inside, but it moves with the storm, and its a quiet strength in the midst of this raging desperation all around me I'd like to find, but I find myself torn." I am currently serving as a youth pastor of a small church in Arkansas. I have converted many of the young people in my youth group to Bryan's music. My wife and I are leaving Arkansas this fall so that I can continue my Seminary education. I will be relocating in or around Louisville, KY, and attending Southern Seminary.
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