Jo. Hey there! I'm Jo, nick name is Josie-Jo. I am happily married to a great guy for nearly 9 years! Wow time really does fly! We have a wonderful 3 and a half year old girl who really does test our boundarys (like all children do!) at the best of times.

I was born in Holland and moved to Australia-Victoria in 1977 with my family. I first heard B.D was when I bought the Sweet Comfort Band- Cutting Edge cassette tape and the favorite song on that album is"Changed Hearts'. I had a really close friend who was also a B.D. fan but at that time it didnt click that B.D. went solo, I heard a few tapes and then the 'penny dropped', I commented to my friend how I really liked it and that it really sounded like 'the sweet comfort band' & to really cut a long story short! My friend gave me all his B.D tapes:Have ur self commited, Holly rollin', Whistlin' in the dark, Strong medicine, Confessions of a lunatic friend, totally Awsome!!!

I am currently working 2 jobs! a mom/house-wife & in a supermarket as a delicatessen assistant (part-time). Please do feel free to e-mail me!

Your sister in Christ
josie-jo xo

P.S.  Really hanging out to go to a Bryan.Duncan concert one of these days! I'm really hoping that he will come to visit us in Australia (land down under) cheers!!!!!!!!!!
Rodney L., Sydney, NSW (Australia), 34, married; a Christian for as long as I can remember; love to play, compose & listen to music, love to mess with computers. Current occupation: Property developer and builder. Fave Dunk songs would be "Lies Upon Lies" and "I Love You With My Life." A couple of quotes I like: "I like life - It gives me something to do" - Ronnie Shakes, and "If I were two-faced, would I be wearing this one?" - Abraham Lincoln

Trudy S.
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