Wiley B-M., Los Angeles CA. I work as an e-commerce analyst. I have also been involved with music since the age of 5, and I currently have a music ministry known as Soaring Eagle ministries. I am a new fan of Bryan Duncan, and I must say, he is the best! While at the lowest point in my life, I went to one of his concerts and through his music, I was given new inspiration to deal with my tribulations. God bless you Bryan, and keep on singing!

Denise C., Riverside, CA. Blessings! This is my husband and I. For two years I prayed for my husband,almost every day, to accept Christ. On a Friday I wrote in my prayer/praise box "Praise to God who will save my family, close and distant from perishing to live everlasting in heaven, In Christ" The next night he went forward, Praises to God in the Highest!

Bryan is my favorite artist. I first saw him at a Easter Service at Cal Baptist University. I have loved his music ever since. I have 15 of his CD's. Bryan sometimes comes into the Christian bookstore that I work at. The first time I saw him I told him he looked just like Bryan Duncan. He said people have told him that before. When I heard his voice I knew definately it was Bryan. I try to see him perform whenever I can.
In Christ's Love, Denise
Lydia D., Los Angeles CA. I go by the name DAinLA...the DA stands for my old nickname DarkAngel (or just call me Lydia if you prefer). I'm a 21 yr. old college student majoring in multimedia. I live around LA and work at a theme park in the southern CA area. Some of the things I'm into are art (sketching, doodling and sculpting), computers & the internet, working out at the gym, cars (especially mustangs ~_^), road trips, being adventurous doing new things and meeting new people....and collecting Bryan D songs of course >;.) My collection goes way back to his SCB days. Bryan is just an awesome performer, he has the most scrumptious voice and is one of the most eloquent songwriters I've ever heard, and I really admire his sense of style (and humor). You'd think since I live in Southern CA I'd have a chance to meet him, but no such luck :.( I'd really look forward to if ever I'd have the chance, he seems like a cool guy to chat and hang out with. My favorite Bryan song is "lonely tonight" and my favorite SCB song is "Now or Never" (the anthem of every college student! LOL)
Walt D.
Tina F.
Larry G., Orange County, CA. I saw Bryan for the first time last month at Murrieta hot springs. I have to say that I have never "clicked" with an artist as I have with Bryan's thoughts and words. When I heard him sing "Strollin' On the Water" I was absolutely amazed at the word pictures he was able to paint and I bought two CDs. Since then I have bought two more and I listen to them in "teary eyed laughter" because of the way they touch my heart and help me to have a better communion with Jesus. I am so glad that I discovered Bryan's music. He is truly anointed!!
Linda J.
Angie L., Los Angeles CA, 41, Single, Occupation : Computer & Internet Specialist Currently working in the Aeronautics field. Too many fav's to name, but all time favs "I Love You With My Life," "Lonely Tonight," "All My Life," "Your Everlasting Love," "Turnin'" and recently "Once I've Arrived".... sheesh! That was a lot!
Michele L., So. California. I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior the beginning of my Freshman year of college in Orange County,CA. I've been a member and/or supporter of Christian churches from San Diego to Los Angeles to crusades and revivals to worldwide missions all over the globe. I am an avid reader and researcher of expository biblical preaching and bible studies. At 17, I counted the cost to FOLLOW JESUS. I do not follow anyone else, anywhere else, but JESUS. 33 years later, I continue to count the cost to FOLLOW JESUS. I'm not ashamed of the Gospel. I have been a single mom and custodial parent since my daughter was born 24 years ago. My daughter is my greatest gift from the LORD. My career background has been in corporate accounts in national marketing and sales.  HELLO to Bryan and all of his fans in the club. I'm looking forward to getting to know you. Bryan's music ranks #1 among all of my Christian music collection, ever since I heard him perform one night at Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside, CA, back in 1996. I have every one of Bryan's CD's. Bryan has no idea how many surgeries, setbacks and seizures his music has helped me to find my comfort in the unconditional love of my LORD and SAVIOR, JESUS CHRIST. God Bless you, Bryan, for I am both blessed and grateful for your godly gifts that so many many people have come to treasure. Like your song says, "I'M DYING TO MEET YOU IN A HEAVENLY NEW LIGHT." Love In Christ, Michele.
Mominca. I go by Mominca, (get it? Mom in California.) I have been a fan of Bryan's since I was about 12 when someone lent me a SCB tape at camp in Hume Lake. I am now a stay at home mom who babisits so I can be home with my two wonderful kids. I have been married for almost 12 yrs and am 30 yrs old. I love going to concert and usually bring my daughter to as many of them as I can.So glad to see a place where I can find out what is going on with my most favoritist singer in all the world!!!
Robbin M., San Luis Obispo, CA. I've been married to Dan for 21 years (22 on January 27th) and we have two beautiful "TEEN" daughters, Elizabeth (17, senior in school) and Danielle (15, sophomore). I work at Grace Church as a secretary and work with the Youth Group and sing in the choir and an "intergenerational" worship band, as my pastor likes to put it,...he is the bassist for the group. My husband works at Wings West Air Services as an aircraft mechanic and also works with the Youth Group and has a small Bible Study he just started with 4 freshmen. He has been wanting to do that for a long time. Liz just got her license and is loving her independence. When she graduates, she will be staying around this area and moving out in maybe a year. Danielle has her permit and starts drivers training tomorrow. Praise God that HE is the one in control! Bryan has been an all-time favorite of mine since he was here in the '70s at Cuesta College with the Sweet Comfort Band. I have been to several concerts and have enjoyed every one...even when he is down (sick or not up to par emotionally) he can still touch the lives of those who listen to him and his words. Keep on keepin' on, Bryan.
Hershelle P., I have been listening to Bry since Calvary Chapel Tent days. Boy, does that date me or what? But hey, 50 is just a number and I look pretty good for my age. I am a Hebrew Christian living in Northern Calif.-the place Bryan seem to diss a every occasion. But I lived in Orange County for 46 of my years so I am accepted in the Duncster. Just kidding, heh, heh. I have been on a journey to discover my authentic self after divorcing because my ex was "fidelity challenged." We were married 23 years. I have 2 gorgeous daughters, a gorgeous 5 year granddaughter, and a gorgeous 5 month old grandson. (We are all gorgeous in my family.) I am starting to desire to
date again which is healing in itself. So, there's that.
Sharyn P., I have been the Fan-in my family since 1986 and have grown with each of Bryan's albums. My favorite tune is 'A Child's Love'; since it speaks of the simplicity of our Christian faith. My favorite album is 'Anonymous Confessions of a Lunatic Friend'. Through the trials in my own life, I sometimes feel like the oldies are brand new songs and I see them in a different light after my experiences of life change my heart. My hobbies are any sport or anything athletic. My favorite scriptures are James 1:2-4 and Hebrews 12:1-2. My hubby, Jim, is a recent follower/fan of 7 years now. For my job I am a Mary Kay beauty consultant and also a marketing/administrative assistant for my husband's Financial Planning business.
Nancy R., San Diego County, CA.  Psalm 149:3! Praise His name with dancing...
I live because Jesus saved me! A wretch like me. So now I want to praise His name with music, and anything else I'm doing. Bryan's music always lights up a room! I've given Joyride cassettes to neighbors, brought people to his concerts, translated some of his songs into ASL (I'm a sign language interpreter), and my hubby and I made up the first "Duncan Marshmallows!!"

Bob S., Danville, CA. I'm a member of the worship team of Zion Fellowship Foursquare Church in Danville, CA. I attended - and thoroughly enjoyed - Bryan's concert at our church last Saturday (2/19/00). It was the first time I had seen Bryan in concert since I saw him at a Sweet Comfort concert in Oakland in the early 80's. I think the highlight of his concert last week was when he did a modified version of Randy Newman's "Short People" for the offering. That shook the religion out of a few people! Bryan also spent about 40 minutes before the concert talking to our worship team. We all appreciated his openness and honesty in sharing his life with us - we were all blessed by the experience and it made the concert more meaningful. Thanks again Bryan! PS: I don't have a picture of me handy, so I've attached a picture of my dog, Dusty. She likes Bryan's music too.
Judy T.

Molly V .
Sara W., West Los Angeles, CA (USA), 23, single; Christian for the BETTER part of my life; love to sing at the top of my lungs with music blasting in the background to cover up the "noise," ski, rollerblade by the beach, go to concerts. Current occupation: Pharmacist at a Veteran's hospital, specializing in geriatrics. Favorite Dunk song: "A Heart Like Mine," "Whisper Heard Around the World." Oh, it's so hard to choose.
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