Lisa C., I have been a Bryan Duncan fan since 1990. I am a Colorado native. My job is embossing, encoding, and thermal imaging plastic cards. I am married and I have no kids, but my husband has two kids. We have two dogs, though, who are sort of like our kids. My favorite songs? All of them! But a few I really like are The Battle is The Lord’s, It Gets Better, Strolling on the Water, A Whisper Heard around the World, Step By Step, Let Me Be Broken, Hand It Over, and the entire Anonymous Confessions of A Lunatic Friend album!

Cindy C.
Krystal G., Married with three elementary aged kids, two boys and one girl, I'm very busy. When people complain that they don't have a life, I complain that I have too many lives. I work a full time job, I am an active PTO member and I serve on a school committee and a school district committee. I teach a High School Sunday School class, sing in the choir, play the drums (and I emphasize "play" - I don't consider myself a drummer.... yet), and do myriad other things for the church. My biggest committment, and where my heart has been for the past 23 years, is in a program called Bible Quizzing. Because of that program, I travel frequently to tournaments with 12-18 year old kids. If that isn't enough, I also recently recorded a christian music CD with my sisters and so far, have performed in six states. I've been a faithful Bryan Duncan fan since he recorded solo. Because I believe in raising my hand to volunteer and in doing all the right things for the right reasons, my favorite songs are "Mr Bailey's Daughter" and "Look's a Lot Like Me". Origin unknown, my favorite quote is "You can eat an elephant if you do it one bite at a time". My favorite verse is Psalm 20:7, "Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we will remember the name of the Lord our God".
Michele W. In the process of being, slowly, transformed, by the washing of the Word and the fellowship of like-minded believers. Recently single, w/a 7-year-old, life filling, heart warmer, otherwise known as Mark. Favorite Dunk song: "Blessed Are the Tears," closely followed by "Yes, I Will!"

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