Melody F., Vero Beach, Florida (USA). Hubby, Rick, is an accountant. I have one daughter, Melissa, (24) from my previous marriage. She has a daughter, Marissa (6). Hubby has two daughters from his previous marriage, Larissa (14) and Lia (9). God has blessed our life together immeasurably with a precious son, Tony, who is 2. I am a Pentecostal preacher's kid. I am from a very small town in upstate NY. Real upstate, not just 30 minutes north of the "city". Canada is 3 hours away from my home stomping grounds. I had no exposure to a Christian music station until I moved to Florida in 1983. Shortly after that is when I found "Sir Bryan Duncan". I think I have every album. Of course the older ones are cassettes. My first hand experience with the Dunc-man is that I had the extreme pleasure of driving him to West Palm after a concert at my church about 6 or 7 years ago. Bryan has come back to our little town just once since then. One of my all time fav's of his is "Blessed are the Tears". That song helped me through the toughest time of my life---much harder than my Father's death---yup---the rejection of a spouse and divorce! It will forever be able to touch my core, no matter how many years go by or how aged the song (or I) get!
Danyell H.
Dawn K., Sarasota, Florida (USA), 29; Married to Brian; office manager for an optometrist; love sports, cross stitching; musically love Bryan Duncan, Wes King and 4 HIM; Quote: Preach the gospel--if necessary use words (St. Francis of Asisi).

Ellen P., I work in a hospital as a pharmacist (but I don't play one on TV). I've been a BD fan since June of 1996 when I heard him at a concert here in Sarasota-awesome as usual and hysterically funny, as usual.

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