Betsy B., Conyers, GA. "That's me [the gleeful one], smilin' like I'm on TV!" No, we weren't in the Caribbean; rather, at Freedom Festival in Florence, AL, July 3rd, 1999. (Man! It was hot!) Heard Bryan's voice when I first started listening to Christian Radio a few years go and been hooked ever since! I've seen him in concert twice and and working on #3. I was raised in the church but never really knew Jesus until about 5 years ago. He speaks to me through Bryan's lyrics. It's amazing the number of times 3-4 lines of a particular tune just seem to reach down deep within and pull open the transom of my heart, pouring out long-hidden feelings of love and joy abounding. Sometimes I just have to pull over and enjoy the moment. I'm an RN (real nurse) and work in the home health field so I'm in the car a lot. I'm one of those people you laugh at when they pass you goin' down the road boppin' their heads and singin' at the top of their lungs! (Hey, I'm not ashamed!) I'm 48 and gettin' younger all the time. Have a beautiful 26 year old daughter and Mary, Queen of Spots, my beloved Basset, who, by the way, also likes to sing along with Bryan. My favorite Bryan Duncan songs are "Everlasting Love," "Your Love, My Saving Grace," "Traces of Heaven," "United We Stand," "When It Comes to Love" and "Bryan's Prayer/Hymn." Most fittin' quote from a Bryman tune: "I'll give you my best, and I'll pray for the rest."
Kathryn D., Atlanta, GA. I finally was able to get a picture scanned in of myself. I still look a little like that, but my hair is not braided. My name is Kathryn. Live in Atlanta, Georgia in an apartment with my sister she is also pictured. (She's the one not wearing the Bryan Duncan T-shirt) She actually introduced me to Sweet Comfort Band and then when Bryan Duncan went solo she went and got his first recording and let me hear it. I was sold the second I heard it. I have been listening to Bryan ever since. I am a Project Manager. I work for EDS at BellSouth. I have seen Bryan in concert a couple of times and last few times he has come to Atlanta I have missed him. His music always seems to say the right thing at the right moment. God Bless him and his family. In Christ, Kathryn. <><
John T., I first heard of Bryan in Nov. 1999 when my church ("Church In The Now") in Conyers, Georgia booked him for our annual Christmas banquet at the Marriot in downtown Atlanta. The first song that I remember really grabbing me was "Strolling On The Water." I am a bass guitarist in my church band as well as have a variety, classic rock band and have been playing professionally for 25 years. This song stood apart from other Christian Music from a musical as well as lyrical viewpoint. Bryan paints such a vivid picture in so many of his songs and touches a place down deep in myself and in so many others. Other artists do this as well from time to time but I don't find as many great songs per album with them nor do they seem to be speaking from a place of experience that lets me know that they have been the same places that I have been. He has such a remarkable voice and can write with the best that I've heard in any style of music. Contemporary Christian music drew me back to Church after 26 years of partying and looking for something that I never found searching around me. When I heard artist like Bryan speaking a language that I understood and felt inside, I thought, "Maybe there is a church that has this same personality somewhere." My wife and I found it in Conyers, Ga. It's no coincidence that our Music Minister's favorite artist is Bryan Duncan. God had his hands all over this long before I saw it coming and now we don't miss a Sunday and you couldn't keep our 10 yr. old girl and 5 yr. old boy from their youth ministries. All this because I heard some music and thought, "This is what I would really like to play and sing if I could just find it." Well, now I get to play it 3 services on Sunday and 1 on Wednesday every single week and, while I'm not in Bryan's band, I'm in the next best thing. There's something so awesome when you can see and feel God working in your life and the seemingly impossible happens right before you!
Jeff W.
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