Karin G.

Alison H., Laurel, MD. Single, age 37. Been a Christian for 6 years. Stumbled onto Bryan's music through the "My Utmost For His Highest" album and fell madly in love with "A Heart Like Mine." Been a committed Dunk fan ever since. I work as an editor at an international organization in Washington, DC. Hobbies include writing, producing newsletters, reading, listening to music, attending concerts, and surfing the web. Spiritual gift: prayer. Favorite scripture: "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" (Phil. 4:13). Favorite quote: "In essentials, unity; in nonessentials, liberty; in all things, charity." Other favorite Christian artists: Michael English, CeCe Winans, Margaret Becker, Sandi Patty, Babbie Mason. Other favorite Dunk songs: "The Last Time I Was Here," "Preachin' is Easy," "Turning," "Somebody Loves You," "I Love You With My Life," "Your Love My Saving Grace" ... the list could go on forever. Later, 'taters!
Letitia J., age 40, (hey, y'all it's only a number anyway) hails from the cow pastures of Woodstock, Maryland. Nope, it is not the same Woodstock where they had that big flowerchild shindig back in the day. She is hitched to Alan, the apple of her eye, been for 13 years now. Currently raising 2 sons (ages 11 and 9) on hay and straw, and whatever else can be found nearby. Letitia is in very great demand in her current occupation of finding lost socks from various washer and dryer black holes, and is in the process of publishing a report on her findings. When spare time permits she also creates artwork out of the lint from the clothes dryer. You may find some of her choice pieces of "Lint Art" in the Metropo'lint'an Museum of Dryer Art. Whether on or off the job, Letitia loves to listen to Bryan Duncan's music. It is even on speakers in the stable for the animals! Her favorite songs are far too many to mention, but these few are at the top of her favorites list: "A Heart Like Mine," "Last Time I Was Here," "After This Day is Gone," "Strollin' on the Water," "I Love You With My Life," "Traces of Heaven," "BlueSkies" and "Yes I Will". If you make it to Woodstock someday and hear lots of whooping in the air, don't be alarmed, it is only Letitia trying to sing along to Bryan's tunes. Poor child can't carry a tune in a bucket!
Susan & Richard S.

Lillie T., Hey, my close friends call me Mae-Mae and I've been a Bryan Duncan fan almost all my life. I'm 17 years old and I'm about to graduate this year. I've been a Christian (-err I've had the Holy Ghost) since I was 7.What I like about Bryan Duncan is that he's so original- noone else can copy his style.  I like how he's so blunt and straightforward. Personally, I'm not really into too much gospel- I like christian contemporary and dance/techno but he always gets to me. Bryan's someone I can really relate to and I thank God there's someone out there who can knock some sense into me about Jesus' love, mercy, etc... every now and then.
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