Debbie B., Muskegon, Mi. Age 42, Married. 3 Teenage sons, Christian since age 26. Occupation: Assistant Manager Blockbuster Video. " Seeing Is Believing but Believing Without Seeing Is Faith." 10 years ago I started listening to Bryan Duncan and " Blessed Are the Tears" saved me from my past. I had spent many years not realizing past abuse was not my fault. This song was the 1st step in my recovery. Today I am very happy, healthy and content, somewhere I never thought I would be. I got to tell Bryan this story a few years ago and it was quite a moment for me. I can smile now!
Pete M. Hi all. Pete's my name - facilitatin' my game. I'm a lecturer in film and tv, sometime musician and sometime listserver of the club. My wife and I live in Brisbane Australia with our firstborn (shown helping me build my biceps and nibbling on my earring). Favourite dunk album is ACOALF (pronounced a-coal-fff). My hobbies include composing bizarre acronyms and reading album linear notes. Do you know who Tim Pierce is? How about Chuck Barth? If you do then you should be talking with us.
Sara P.
Marty W., Hi! I'm Marty. This is the Dunkster and moi at one of his recent MI gigs. The audience was hyped, and Bryan, well... you know ... We had a TREMENDOUS time! He was awesome! Hobbies: listening to Dunk whenever possible; karate; fitness and nutrition; sports; camping; singing. Wannabe: More like Jesus (really.) ,,, and a backup singer for Dunk (really. Along with about a million other of his fans, I know, I know ... Hey, I can dream, can't I?) ... YES SIR, YES I WILL! Fave Dunk Song: Too many to list here. Peace.
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