Cindy M. , aka braty imp
the little things in life seem to stay with me more, than the big things.
a spoken whisper without any words.
a touch without hand.

i have two children who i love with my very being.
magen 17, stephanie 14
one husband who stand by my side, no matter how crazy i get.
two dogs, and two cats.

i join the group after hearing one of bryan song..don't look away,
over times i found other bryan songs just as heart touching and soul seeking,
it also helps to know that bryan just as mess up as me, and that
its not just all a front, but a person who known in the eyes of
many stepping out and saying, "hey, my life is just as
messy as yours, it's better to humble myself and touch other through,
my healing, than to hide it away."
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