JoDee S., Hi! I m JoDee, pictured here with my friend and wonderful husband of 24 years, John. We are native New Mexicans and lovers of green chili. I teach at the high school and John is the counselor at the middle school. We like to take road trips in our Chevy van, back pack in the mountains and see all the latest movies. We have two sons, 20 and 21, both out on their own. Contemporary Christian music has been a driving force in our lives since back in the days! We first saw Bryan at a two-day praise marathon called Celebration 82 in the Dallas Convention Center and have followed his career ever since. He is gifted with a magnificent talent, an incredible range and the fluid vocalization that leaves each note hanging in the air, with a bell-like quality. I can not name a favorite song because they all minister encouragement to me at specific times of need, like no other artist s songs do. I get the impression from reading concert reports that Bryan makes himself available to be used by the Lord in whatever circumstance he finds himself. That's probably why he speaks to my heart, as my life scripture is, "...who knows but that you have come...for such a time as this?" Esther 4:14.
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