Monica M., Williamsville, NY. Mom of three great kids (22 year old twins and nine year old son); Attended my church's annual Christmas banquet and heard Bryan Duncan in person. Was mesmerized! What a talent and gift from God (is anyone cloning him?) God has me involved for the last few years ministering to children with special needs, in particular Autism. Been advocating for children and raising awareness in the WNY community. God promises that He will turn our tears to joy -- which He has done for me! Using the challenges I faced in the past with my own son, to minister and help others as I can. Co-chaired the first walk for autism last year in Buffalo which raised $100K and over 3,300 people attended! Already working on the second walk for Autism in Buffalo... If anyone is interested or would like more information about making a difference in autism or have questions, email me at Allow God to use you!!!
Karen Q., a 23-year old college senior from New York who has adored Dunc forever and a day! I'm a Communications major and hope to someday either work for National Public Radio or in some aspect of Christian broadcasting. Favorite Dunc songs? Too many to list (you can just look at his discography to find out!)!!! Currently bopping along with "Yes I Will" and spending time on my web-page-in-progress. If you care enough to want the url, e-me at!!!
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