Lisa Marie A., Dayton, OH, Age 19. I've been a Christian since I was 7 years old. Hobbies include music, dancing, playing guitar, computers, reading, and writing. After a rather successful gig opening for my favorite band, dc Talk, a couple of years ago I have become bored with signing autographs and giving interviews and have decided that the quiet life is the life for me. I am settling down to earn a degree in professional writing and am currently working as a proofreader to make money to spend on my favorite singer, Bryan Duncan. My favorite BD song is "A Heart Like Mine".
Rick B., Dayton, OH, after spending almost 20 years in the Air Force. I have been a fan since the Sweet Comfort days (about 1980 when I first heard the Sweet Comfort Band in Italy, I was listening to some albums). I have had the privilege of singing in the choir for two of Bryan's Christmas Concerts at Christian Life Center in Dayton Oh, and actually was part of the ensemble which opened for him on each occasion. I completed a CD of my own last Christmas, with 4 Bryan Duncan songs on it, and the picture is from the cover.
Kathy D., Trenton, Ohio. I have been to 2 of Bryan's concerts so far. The first one was in Cincinnati, right after Strolling On The Water came out. Didn't know much of his music then but, we still enjoyed listening to him and meeting him after the show. The last one we went to was the one in Conyers, GA. It was very cold that night but, still an enjoyable evening. I also love listening to Radio 440 where I can hear songs that I hadn't heard before. Well to all the fans like me happy to be in the family.
Carolyn L.
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