Jim B., (aka Jimbob aka MONK) Lives in SC and it's just one in a string of places to call home. Having lived all over the world and the US a day at a time, Jimbob spent his 9th year of life pondering the Berlin Wall. By the time he'd enlisted in the service and been sent to Germany again, Jimbob endeavored to see the rest of the world. An avid cartoonist interested in astronomy, the arts, music and all things rooted in the belief that Christ is returning soon, Jimbob finds himself as part of a team dedicated to providing haven for missions organizations and individuals. Jimbob is married to Melodybob and they have six kids ages 17 to 7. Current projects include a cowboy restaurant and finding time to draw. In short he's always exhausted. For more on Jimbob see jimbobshangout.blogspot.com. PEACE! (Pictured, Jimbob at Six Flags over Atlanta with youngest daughter Grace who happens to like being carried)
Amanda C.
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