Tess C., Virgina Beach, VA (USA), 39, single; Christian for 34 years; love to sing, write, act, and teach. Current occupation: Physician Assistant in Pediatric Orthopedic Surgery. Fave Dunk Song: "We All Need." Quote: "I am not very good at being religious and don't really feel too bad about not being too good."---Rich Mullins
Karin G.
Larry L., Discovered growing wild in the hills of Eastern Tennessee in the late 1960's, Larry Lane is a self educated philosopher who speaks 13 unknown languages, lectures on mobile homes at Jim Walters University, and is a recognized expert in the study of Chia Pets. When not pursuing financial independence through network marketing, he spends his time in Virginia Beach, Virginia studying the effects of the magnetic fields generated by his clothes dryer. His favorite Dunk song is "Anonymous Confessions of a Lunatic Friend." Great quote: Time is the gift of love and grace. Without time there'd be no time to change, time to be tried, humbled, and broken. Time to hear the word of love spoken. - Charlie Peacock from "The Secret of Time." Larry's favorite verse is Romans 3:23.
Frank M.
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