Sheri H., I live in Everett Washington. Work as a Trainer for a company in downtown Seattle. I've been married to an awesome guy for 9 years. Been a Christian for awhile now but feels like I'm still just learning?! (There's ALWAYS something new to learn.. or was it the same thing again and I just didn't get it?! **grin**) Thankfully there's no end to God but that sure messes with my little peanut for a brain!

I work with a youth group in my "spare time" & also involved in a local church. Life is crazy sometimes but its very good & I'm very thankful as I'm still learning that I'm "never alone" (thanks for that song Bryan). I'm not officially in a "rehab" program like CR but, on the other hand I am - every day as I learn to follow Jesus in this life. I think my all time fav song of Bryan's will always be "I Love You with My Life" because I'm forever amazed that God would do all that he did for us. My first introduction to Bryan was via our local radio station here in Western Washington back in the very early 80's when he was still singing with Sweet Comfort Band. I'd heard a song one Friday evening as the station was playing some of the more "contemporary" music available. I had no idea at the time who the group was. All I knew was - WHO IS THAT SINGING?!? From that moment on, I was hooked.. Back then I didn't pay much attention to the lyrics, I just knew what I liked to listen to but as time has gone on, now the lyrics mean just as much.

I joined this great, crazy-looney, loving, funny etc. etc. email group over a year ago & have been blessed over & over & over by what I've read. As Bryan says, keep coming back!
Rich J., 40, Newly married. Professional Auto Salesperson for Roger Jobs Volkeswagen-Porsche-Audi/Jeep in Bellingham, Washington for the past 13 years. Hobbies include running everyday, and snow skiing locally. Been a "Dunc" fan since I first saw him with Sweet Comfort Band in the Fall of 1982 in Seattle. Favorite Bryan D. song is one of his latest, "You Only You."

Anne M.
Mastery S., Spokane, WA (USA), born 1973, single; a Christian since I was 4; love to sing, read, play piano, write songs and listen to music. I am an Interactive Developer (I build web sites) in an advertising agency. Favorite Bryan songs: "Whisper Heard Around the World," "Talk to Me Gently," "Hope of the Broken Hearted," "Come to Find Out," "Let Me Be Broken," "Lonely Tonight" and "Love Takes Time." A verse I like: "Like water spilled on the ground, which cannot be recovered, so we must die. But God does not take away life; instead, he devises ways so that a banished person may not remain estranged from him." 2 Samuel 14:14 (NIV)
Mercia S., Spokane, WA (USA), born 1976, single; a Christian since I was 4; I like to cook, read, listen to and compose music, watch movies and play guitar. I'm the Sous Chef in a casual upscale restaurant. Favorite Bryan Songs: "You're Never Alone," "Your Everlasting Love," "Hope of the Broken Hearted," "Leave Your Light On," "Lonely Tonight" and "Strong Medicine." A quote I like: "If you're looking for someone to blame, throw a rock in the air. You'll hit someone guilty."—Bono
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