A Message from our Founder, Pete Muir

What we've set up is just an email chat group to talk about anything related to Bryan Duncan, as well as a way for Bryan to communicate with his friend and fans. After each concert he does, and at other times as well, Bryan writes his "Nifty Noodle" reports, which are automatically delivered to the Club.

Once you've signed up, if you want to bring up a topic or reply to one, all you need to do is send an email to the group. It will be distributed through Yahoo Group to everyone on the list, including you. This is a free service.

For the new joiners, you can visit the Club 440 section of the Yahoo Groups site to view our previous discussions. (If you are interested in going really far back in our discussion history, I'll send a separate .txt file of the archive of our previous discussions upon request.) Please feel free to backtrack and comment on anything we've already gone through (for example: musical distinctions in albums, favourite album etc.) Even though we are going through the songs and albums methodically, don't be afraid to jump topics and go out on a tangent.

I'm personally really interested in your thoughts and comments so . . . as Dunky says . . .

"Let's play!"

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Club 440 Lite
If you prefer not to participate in the discussion, but would still like to receive "Nifty Noodles" and reminders about other things relating to Bryan, like upcoming concerts, then Club 440 Lite is for you. It is also distributed through Yahoo Groups and is a free service.

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El Club 440 Espanol
El Club 440 Espanol discute la musica del artista cristiano Bryan Duncan asi como nuestra fe comun en Jesus Cristo. Al suscribir, usted recibe los Nifty Noodles, escritos por Bryan Duncan. Tambien va a recibir mensajes de otros miembros del Club 440 Espanol. Es un servicio gratis distribuido por Yahoo Groups.

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Club 440 IS Support
This is the Information Systems/Computer support spin off from Club 440. We are here to share technical information and computer knowledge amongst the Christian Computing Community. It is also distributed through Yahoo Groups and is a free service.

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