Photo Album
Please feel free to flip through our photo album. In it you'll find photos of Bryan Duncan that we got from album art or that we ourselves took. These photos span a lot of years, and they are listed in approximate chronological order. Click on a caption to see the corresponding photo. Have fun!

Baby Bryan (c. 1953)
Ah, those were the days, weren't they? (1981)
What do they think they're wearing? (1983)
Welcome to the floor show (1986)
Yeah, I'm wearin' a tie. Can't you tell? (1990)
Bryan and the Econo Band (1990) courtesy of Larry L.
Meetin' Folks (1990) courtesy of Larry L.
Who is this clown? (1990) courtesy of Larry L.
Pensive & Shoeless (1994)
Posing in sepia tone (1994) from a Slow Revival promotional for radio stations
Close-up (1994)
Bryan Fans (1995) courtesy of Mastery S.
At an In-Store Appearance (1996) courtesy of Debbie B.
Big Smile (1996)
Meeting Folks (1996) courtesy of Mastery S.
Singing at an Outdoor Festival (1996) courtesy of Mastery S.
Bryan Plays Air Saxophone (1997) courtesy of Sara W.
Big Voice Tour (1997) courtesy of Sara W.
Bryan Signs (1997) courtesy of Sara W.
Bryan Spills (1997) courtesy of Sara W.
Bryan at Joy Fest (1998) courtesy of Sara W.
Self-Righteous Brothers & Co. (1998) courtesy of Sara W.
Aw, Double Shucks! (1998) courtesy of Sara W.
Oh, Happy Day! (1998) courtesy of Sara W.
A Happy Gift Receiver (1999) courtesy of Debbie B.
Happily Singing (1999) courtesy of Debbie B.
Bryan and a Happy Fan (1999) courtesy of Debbie B.
Pushing Up My Favorite Shades (1999) courtesy of Betsy B.
"No you won't...Yes I will!" (1999) courtesy of Betsy B.
Beltin' Out a Tune (1999) courtesy of Betsy B.
Dancin' Dunc (1999) courtesy of Betsy B.
We Always Knew He was Corny (August, 2001) courtesy of Rob M.
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